Flying Lessons: Flight Instruction in   Concord, Ca (Buchanan Field)
Why We Fly

Why do we choose to learn to fly? There have got to be thousands of reasons that people have picked to explain why they have learned to fly.

Of course, some people choose to learn to fly as part of a career choice. For most of us, we fly as either a hobby or because it allows a different sort of life style. In this section, you'll find a collection of fun reasons to learn to fly.

Ever heard of "car camping"? There are places in California where you can "plane camp". You fly in to remote airstrips and camp out of your airplane. At some places in Idaho, you can fly in to a lodge and stay for the fly fishing.
When was the last time you learned a new skill?

Learning to fly is not easy. It is challenging. It takes study. And it takes some skill, which has to be acquired and practiced. If you feel like you need a challenge, learning to fly is a great challenge.

Once you've received your private pilot's license, there are innumerable other certifications that you can go and add to your log book, each of which is an achievement in itself. Get your instrument rating. Get your tail wheel rating. Learn to fly a float plane. Learn aerobatics and fly in the Diablo practice area. Get your glider certification and catch thermals in Livermore or Napa. Move your way up to aircraft with retractable landing gear or a multi-engine plane.

Great Sightseeing Trips

The San Francisco Bay Area is an incredibly picturesque place to live. Seeing it from the air is amazing! You may have seen portions of it as you've landed on commercial airliners, but actually flying and maneuvering in the airspace will give you an outstanding appreciation of where we live.

Multi-State and International Trips
Most flying clubs and flying groups organize several long distance (often international) flying trips per year. These trips can take you from the SF Bay Area to Mexico for a long weekend, or up to Vancouver for some great food, or to EAA's annual Oshkosh Fly-in in Wisconsin. Learning to fly will allow you and others to travel and see the world in a very unique way.
Aerial Photography
Aerial photography documents what pilots see every day. If you're an avid photographer, learning to fly and do aerial photography will open up vast horizons (literally) for your camera lens.
Flying and Golfing
Are you an avid golfer? Do you know how many golf courses are within a 2 hour flight from the San Francisco Bay Area?
You can fly to Burning Man!
Did you know that Burning Man has an airport?