Flying Lessons: Flight Instruction in   Concord, Ca (Buchanan Field)
Vegas, Baby!
As part of "supplemental training" (i.e. "fun"), we often plan cross-country trips. Below, you'll find an agenda for a trip from Buchanan Field in Concord to Las Vegas, Nevada.

Day 1:

Depart CCR @ 0900
Mariposa (E45), touch and go or taxi back
Kern Valley (L05) full stop
---- Lunch at airport cafe (Big Burger appears to be recommended)
---- Change pilots
Proceed through Trona corridor (zigzag between military restricted airspaces)
Shoshone (L61), touch and go or taxi back
Red Rocks 1 Arrival
North Las Vegas (VGT)

Optional Lake Mead -- we may reshuffle planes and pilots, depending on who wants to do this portion

Depart VGT at 1500-1530
Temple Bar (U30)
Grand Canyon West (1G4)
----- Change Pilots
Echo Bay (0L9)
Cortez 1 Arrival
North Las Vegas (VGT)

Day 2

Depart VGT at 0930
Furnace Creek (L06)
----- Brunch at Furnace Creek Inn - said by many to be the best in California
Stovepipe Wells (L09) touch and go or taxi back
Bishop (BIH) full stop
----- Change pilots
Mammoth (MMH) touch and go or taxi back
Lee Vining (O24) touch and go or taxi back
Tioga Pass over the Sierras

If you have a preference as to which order you want to fly, let me know. We think whoever flies first on Day 1 will also fly first on Day 2, so both pilots get some LAS Class B exposure. However, if you do the Lake Mead option, you will get plenty of that anyway, so if you guys can agree on a different order, its fine with me.

As you are both already private pilots, I will expect you to show up prepared with plans on how to navigate through the terrain between the aforementioned airports. As you begin to study the possible routes between these airports, please keep density altitude and rate of climb in mind.

I also highly suggest you do the AOPA online course on Mountain Flying at some point before we go. Its free. Takes only about 30 minutes.

If you would like to see photos of this route - this is pretty close to the route we will be taking (although in reverse order):