Flying Lessons: Flight Instruction in   Concord, Ca (Buchanan Field)
About Buchanan Field

Buchanan Field is located in Concord, California in Contra Costa County. It is a wonderful place to learn how to fly for several reasons:

  1. Buchanan Field is an active general aviation airport. There's a large variety of aircraft that fly out of Concord, which makes learning to fly out of Buchanan a challenge and makes it interesting. On a nice, summer day, there will be plenty of traffic in the pattern which will help student pilots manage their time in the pattern.

  2. Buchanan Field is busy, but not that busy. Learning to fly is not easy and pilots must learn how to manage distractions and complications. Buchanan Field is busy (as a large general aviation airport which is convenient to the San Francisco Bay Area), but it isn't that busy. Airline service out of Buchanan was suspended in 1991 and is unlikely to be restarted. Private jets do depart, but are limited in their size due to county noise restrictions. There's traffic. There's a tower. There's an active general aviation community. But there isn't the confusing, distracting and complicated nature of a larger aviation hub.

  3. The practice area for flight training at Buchanan Field is just miles away from the airport. At other regional airports, you can spend quite a bit of time (and gas and money) departing the pattern for a distant practice area. At Buchanan, you'll depart Runway 32L and be in the practice area in under 5 minutes.

  4. The weather is good. The weather in the Bay Area is not going to be perfect all of the time. But overall, the weather at Concord is less susceptible to low clouds and fog compared to airports that are "West of Hills" adjacent to San Francisco Bay. This means more flying time for learning and fewer cancelled flights due to VFR minimums.

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