Flying Lessons: Flight Instruction in   Concord, Ca (Buchanan Field)
About Kent

Kent has always been passionate about flying. In addition to his flight instruction activities, he's an active commercial pilot, flying various types of complex aircraft as a member of aircrews out of Buchanan Field. As part of the challenge of flying, he's added the following certificates to his flying resume:

  • Single-engine commercial pilot's certificate

  • Multi-engine commercial pilot's certificate

  • Single-engine flight instructor's certificate

  • Instrument flight instructor's certificate

When Kent isn't flying, he's a Real Estate Broker and Developer. He loves being a flight instructor on evenings and weekends, teaching students in the beautiful, complex San Francisco Bay Area airspace. Kent is available for instruction in Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) for the light sport pilot's certifcate and regularly instructs in aircraft manufactured by Cessna, Piper, Cirrus, Mooney and Bonanza. He's also available for advanced ground instruction. He holds a bachelors degree from San Jose State.